Who is Artemis? - An Interview
Interview conducted by: Tristan Howard (Local Visual Artist)
Photography by: Tristan Howard
What are some of your musical influences?

I listen to mostly experimental pop. I’m a big fan of dream pop, and experimental electronica. I feel like the earliest music I heard was tejano music. Which has some really warm synths and drum machines. However I tend to go for darker song qualities.

What kind of sounds have you integrated into you music?

I’ve put a lot of my voice into my music, I use alot of my own voice samples to build my synths. I have also grown a custom to many unorthodox ways of recording. I try to always record from speakers never directly from the instrument.

Are there any themes or concepts your focusing on?

Lately I’ve been kind of telling stories of events in my mind. But as far as themes I tend to focus on existence and fate. I’m really just trying to create a world of my own through music.

How does your individual style compare to other genres of music?

I like to think that I sort of sound like everybody, I feel like my music is just bits and pieces of what I’ve grown up around and what I’ve learned. I think I’m trying a different aesthetic than what most people are doing right now. I also try not to stay to attached to what I’m doing, I hate stagnation.

Is there any message behind what you do?

That’s a hard question, but I think there indeed is a message. I’ve been really strung up on existence lately. I think people should pay attention to time more, and do what they love, and try not to pay attention to events/people that don’t count. I want everyone to focus on their heart. I think if everyone did that we would have happier minds.

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Got a little turnt tonight with my mom and got to see these wonderful human beings perform. #calicoclub @thegalacticat

Still writing lyrics but this seems groovy

New Music being recorded




Conducted by : Adan Hernandez (Bassist of ) Photo by : John Daniel Nombrana

Who are your musical influences?

I have a huge amount of influences. For singers it would be people like Janis Joplin, Selena, and Grimes, for producers its Holly Herndon, Giorgio Moroder and…

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Me performing “Dreamland”